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BLOC Recruitment disclaimer

What access are we requesting?
We do request all read-only scopes currently available for the EVE Swagger Interface (ESI). This includes, but is not limited to, Public Information, Assets, Wallet, Skills, Market data, Structures, Corpmembers, Fleets, Loyalty points, Location, Mails, Fittings, PI, Contacts and Bookmarks.
What don't we get?
We do not request any write scopes. Also the Single sign on process will not give us any access to to your account credentials.
What do we use the API for?
We do gather and store a refreshToken for the scopes you provided (equivalent to the former API key/code combination). Using this we will acquire and store the informations mentioned above for internal use, namely to decide on your application but also afterwards.
What don't we do with it?
We will not share or distribute that information or your refreshToken outside the scope of this application, except for backup purposes. Also the individuals reviewing your application won't get access to your refreshToken but only the information obtained using it.
How to revoke access?
Go to and delete the application `Recruitement form - BLOC recruitement page` for your main character and Alts.
Last but not least...
Not providing the requested API information will lead to your application being rejected. Revoking access while being part of The BLOC might get you removed from the Alliance.

If you have any futher questions, feel free to contact or Snitch Ashor in-game.